Week #12: 66K Books Sold… The Aftermath

Week #12: 66K Books Sold… The Aftermath

The last six weeks has been insane!

Between doing a million Facebook Lives, tons of interviews, selling a ton of books, selling a coaching program, changing the funnel three or four times, and about a million other things we’re doing, I can’t believe we got everything done.

Total stats as of today:

  • 59,000 have bought books through the book funnel
  • 7,000 people bought the book on Amazon

We never sent any traffic to Amazon. That’s just people who got excited and went there to buy it instead.

So our grand total is 66,000 books. (Thank you everybody!)

66,000 people now have the tools they need to get their message out into the world. That’s what really gets me excited.
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But it’s still a long way from our million books goal, so there’s a lot of things we need to do.

If You Hate Creating and Launching New Products… Do This Instead

So what are we doing now to scale?

I get this question a lot. Many people seem to have a successful product they launched… but after they sell to their warm markets it kinda dies.

So they create another offer to sell to their hot and warm markets. They keep doing that over and over again. They get in this phase where all they’re doing is creating products 24/7.

I don’t know about you, but that’s not a lot of fun long-term. You don’t want to be in consistent launch mode, you want to be in consistent promotion mode. That takes the stress and pressure off of you as the entrepreneur.

The first thing we’re doing is evergreening our funnels. Most of what we did during the book launch was live. We had Howard Berg, the world’s fastest reader, come… that was live. The 7-Day Launch Funnel… that was live.

All those things are good, but if I want to keep things going, we need to evergreen them. I want every single person who buys the book or comes in the funnel to go through the same process as well. This is essential for driving cold traffic.

Our goal is to drive infomercials, radio ads, and a whole bunch of other things, so we need to make sure our funnel is strong. If we have a weak funnel, we’ll get destroyed in those media channels.

So Step #1 right now is evergreening our funnels. You will start noticing things that have been shut down will be turned on again.

My Best Cold Traffic Converter of All Time

Step #2 is structuring the offer so it converts better to cold traffic.

One of my best cold traffic offers I’ve ever had was my old Dot Com Secrets X. It spoke to people who didn’t really know what our business was. In fact, let me show you that video (it’s one of my favorites… but note this program is no longer available.).

If you want to know if your offer will work for cold traffic, go down to the food court at your local mall. Pull up a chair and yell the key message of your video from the top of your lungs. If nobody stands up excited about what you have to sell, then it means your offer would not convert to cold traffic. If about half of them do, it means your offer would convert to cold traffic.

Notice the video and the language patterns. This video converted amazingly well to cold traffic.

Now, we haven’t focused on cold traffic for years because… well, if you’ve read the intro to the Dot Com Secrets book, you’ll know why.

But we want to get the Expert Secrets book into the hands of the masses. So I’m going to be re-writing this video to be able to convert to cold traffic. You’ll see more of this here in the near future.

That Time I Got Kicked Off of Instagram…

Some of you may have heard, last week Instagram kicked me off their platform.

I was really stressed out and upset. But then later that day they brought us back. (No explanation. It was weird.)

We were then able to get verified which means they added the “Swipe Up” feature to us. This feature allows me to tell you to “swipe up” on Instagram Stories. When you swipe up, it will send you to any URL I want to plug in there. Swipe Up is one of the coolest features of any social platform so far.

Unfortunately, it’s not for everybody yet. Hopefully it will come to you soon. It’s worth building your Instagram following, because when you get Swipe Up, you can drive a lot of traffic very quickly.

We’re seeing about 300-500 clicks for every swipe up we do right now. This is good, but our Instagram following right now is pretty small (about 17,000 people). When we get this up to 170,000 people or a million people, it’s going to be insane!

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Behind the Scenes)

We’re starting to dig deeper on our YouTube strategy as well.

As you’ve probably seen, we’ve launched the Funnel Hacker “Behind the Scenes” show on YouTube. Right now, we’re getting 20,000-30,000 views on each video.

What’s cool about YouTube is that after you create the content it sticks around and will continue to grow. My guess is that most of the episodes will eventually have a million views in and of themselves… which is exciting.

If you want to hear about my strategy about why I am doing this and my thoughts on the future of marketing and content creation, listen to this episode from the Marketing Secrets podcast:

That’s what I’m doing behind the scenes with YouTube.

Now, if you want to know exactly (in excruciating detail) what I’m and doing and why I’m doing it, we are teaching this inside of our training course at FillYourFunnel.com. All of our course members are starting to build out YouTube channels as well, which is exciting.

The last big thing we’re doing (later this summer) is writing an infomercial. Our next big play for media is an infomercial for the Expert Secrets book. I’m so excited for this. More on that in future blog posts.

If you enjoyed this post, please share it. Thanks again for listening and subscribing.

We’ll talk to you soon.


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  • Great post, very valuable insight, especially about giving us more depth on the filling your funnel side of things. Thank-you so much, Sharnee x

  • Michael Abdo

    I love your work, Russell! It’s amazing how you “recycle” old material and can apply it to new situations! There’s nothing new under the sun but there are sure new applications and perspectives!
    P.S. Yes, I’m taking your advice and engaging with my #1 on my top 100 😉

  • Mindaugas

    Why did you ended documented this fantastic journey? It’s such a valuable thing

  • Robert Condon

    Russell, I have a surefire way to sell thousands of your books and help you attain and surpass the 1,000,000 copies sold goal, but I might need permission from the publisher. I’d rather be on the safe side. Who in ClickFunnels can I contact?

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