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Week #12: 66K Books Sold… The Aftermath

The last six weeks has been insane! Between doing a million Facebook Lives, tons of interviews, selling a ton of books, selling a coaching program, changing the funnel three or four times, and about a million other things we’re doing, I can’t believe we got everything done. Total stats as of today: 59,000 have bought […]

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Week #11: The 7-Day Launch

We’ve sold a lot of Expert Secrets books during our 4 week launch. You might think that we’d wait a few weeks or months before releasing the next thing. But a lot of people don’t realize that the best time to launch a coaching or implementation program is right at the end of your product launch. But we’ve found […]

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Week#10: Affiliate Wars

Last week has been legitimately insane! Books have been flying off the shelves since we launched our $20 CPA. Instead of paying affiliates 40% commission, we guaranteed a $20 payment for every book they sell. We knew it was going to get crazy but it went beyond what we expected. There’s been three crazy things […]

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Week #9: Renaming the Book and Changing the Funnel

I’m sure the #1 question you’re going to ask me after reading the title of this post is “why in the world would you change the name of your book, Russell?!” Well, it’s still called “Expert Secrets” but I did change the subtitle. When I was writing this book I focused on the fact that […]

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Week #8: Virtual Book Tour

It has officially been 7 full days since we launched the Expert Secrets book (yay!) In the last 7 days, I’ve had almost zero hours of sleep… no, just kidding (kinda). Since it went live, it’s been a little crazy. We were up all night the night before the launch getting the funnel ready. Then […]

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Week #7: Launch Day!

18 months I’ve been working on this book. 18 months I’ve been stressing about the message. Over that time, as you’ve seen, I’ve had tons of sleepless nights to get this thing perfect. Now that it’s finally done, it’s been fun transitioning into the actual selling of it. Leading up to today, we were doing […]

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Week #6: Becoming Batman So I Can Sell More Books

The last two weeks we’ve been getting ready for the book launch. We’ve been focusing a lot of our effort on the Dream 100. One of the big parts of the affiliate launch is to figure out what cool prizes affiliates will want to get. Most will do similar things… Apple Watches, iPads, iPhones, etc. […]

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Week #5: Preview Chapters Building the Hype

Over the last week or so we’ve been doing some really cool things to prepare for the book launch happening on April 18. We put together the second package for our Dream 100. If you remember from the first blog post about the Dream 100 we sent a package that had a blank copy of […]

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Week #4: Teasing Expert Secrets and the Audio Book

It’s been a little while since I’ve written a blog post. We’ve had a lot of big things happening… First off, on February 21-23 we had our Funnel Hacking Live event in Dallas. We arguably had the greatest speaker lineup on Planet Earth… including Tony Robbins! During two of my presentations I got to actually teach […]

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Week #3: Finally Submitted My Book to the Publisher!

This week has been crazy… We moved our entire office to the new ClickFunnels International Headquarters! Plus, we’re preparing to have our first ever FHAT event… which stands for Funnel Hack-a-thon. We’re bringing in a bunch of our Inner Circle members to go through a group process where I’m going to take them through the […]

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Week #2: Assembling the Dream 100

As of this week, we are about 14 weeks away from launching the new book. As I mentioned in the first post, I’m a big believer in digging your well before you’re thirsty… That’s why I’m making a special effort to build relationships over the next 14 weeks… It’s critical to give the people who […]

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Week #1: Join Me On My Journey To Sell 1,000,000 Copies Of My New Book!

Before we get started I gotta get something off my chest… Blogging sucks! Yes, it really, really sucks. I’ve been trying to blog for over ten years now and it never goes past over one or two blog posts ever. And I realized the other day the reason why… You see, most blogs are just random […]

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