Week #6: Becoming Batman So I Can Sell More Books

Week #6: Becoming Batman So I Can Sell More Books

The last two weeks we’ve been getting ready for the book launch. We’ve been focusing a lot of our effort on the Dream 100.

One of the big parts of the affiliate launch is to figure out what cool prizes affiliates will want to get. Most will do similar things… Apple Watches, iPads, iPhones, etc. But I wanted to do something different. In fact, when we launched the Dot Com Secrets book I actually gave a Ferrari to the person who sold the most books. Here’s the JV video that I sent out to all of them:

The person who ended up winning that was Jeff Walker. We awarded to him live at our Funnel Hacking Live event. Here’s a cool video of Jeff winning the Ferrari:

So this year, we wanted to do something different. One of the things we learned was negative about doing the Ferrari contest is that only one person can win. So we really only had two or three people competing and everyone else kind of stepped back.

Luckily, Jeff Walker and Todd Brown started competing head to head and together sold a lot of books. But we had less selling from all the rest of the affiliates which ultimately made book sales suffer.

So this time around we wanted to something more universal to get more people involved. We found these really cool life-size batman suits. Because the Batman suit is only about $3500 as opposed to $170,000 like the Ferrari) we’re able to give away ten suits instead of just one. Here’s the Batman video we sent out to all our affiliates:

On top of the Batman suit, we also wanted to give away another prize. We’re going to invite our top 20 affiliates to a private mastermind meeting in Boise. So far it seems like it’s already working well. One of our affiliates made this amazing video to sell the book because they wanted to have a chance to win it:

With that said, we’ve been sending out more packages. We’ve sent out the actual book to our Dream 100. We’ve also sent them this sales letter as part of the package:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

As we were creating this I found a bunch of the direct mail letters we sent out to our Dream 100 before the contest. Here’s links to those in case you wanted to see the other cool stuff we were sending our Dream 100:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

On top of getting our Dream 100 ready to promote, we also (obviously) want to have a funnel that’s going to convert. So we’ve created and re-created the funnel multiple times to make sure it’s perfect. As of today, I’m really proud of it. In fact, here’s a snapshot just finishing after we mapped out what’s possible:

Russell Brunson Blog

The coolest thing about this funnel is pretty much everything in there is free, yet the potential cart value is over $13,000! That’s pretty amazing for a free book funnel… it should help us to make a huge payday for all our affiliates and ourselves as we’re driving traffic.

I’m sure I’ll walk you through the book funnel in a future blog post. But for now, it’s looking pretty good. In fact, I did a podcast recently explaining how to make money when everything in your funnel is free. Click here to listen to the podcast.

Other things we’re working on this week…

I’ve been in the office on Saturday recording a new version of the ClickFunnels webinar. I think it turned out pretty good. You’ll see for yourself after you register for the webinar. I’ll also be working on emails, sales videos, and a million other things.

Needless to say, it’s getting closer to crunch time and we’re all juggling a million things. But we’re excited and it’s just a few days away from going live.

Anyways, I’m going to get back to work. Check in next week after the book launch to read my write up about the initial launch. We’ll see what happens.

Thanks everyone!
Russell Brunson

P.S. Remember:

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  • So, so cool bro! Way to think BIG!

  • Any chance we can get the link to the podcast? It wasn’t linked up in the post.

  • Yvonne Lines

    That track day looks pretty fun. Let me know when you’re giving away a motorcycle – I’ll promote for. (To my 1,000 followers)

  • Julia

    Hey Russel, I think this “look over your shoulder” through your journey is super cool, and hope you keep it going!! But in this post you reference things like “…I found a bunch of the direct mail letters we sent out to our Dream 100 before the contest. Here’s links to those…[batman suit pics, not letters]” and “I did a podcast recently explaining how to make money when everything in your funnel is free. Click here to listen to the podcast.[no link]”. I’m a bit disappointed to find that the referenced information isn’t linked. Can you please add/share?

  • I think it’s so cool how you built a funnel that is so spot on around a free+shipping product.

    Before I started following you I didn’t think it would be possible. Now on the other hand I see possibilities everywhere!

  • Fernando Arbex

    So cool this batman prize. Success to you.

  • Sébastien Le Marketeur Francai

    Hi Russell and team, the advertised links (to the sales letter and the podcast) are missing ! I hope you get a chance to see this and share the links. Thanks for your transparency and congrats on this amazing book launch !

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