Week #4: Teasing Expert Secrets and the Audio Book

Week #4: Teasing Expert Secrets and the Audio Book

It’s been a little while since I’ve written a blog post. We’ve had a lot of big things happening…

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First off, on February 21-23 we had our Funnel Hacking Live event in Dallas.

We arguably had the greatest speaker lineup on Planet Earth… including Tony Robbins!

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During two of my presentations I got to actually teach things from the new Expert Secrets book.

The first thing I taught was how to build a mass movement


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During that presentation I talked about the three core things that are essential to build a mass movement:

  1. The Attractive Character
  2. A Future-Based Cause
  3. A New Opportunity

Of all the things I could have possibly given that audience I felt that that was the most important because it’s what gives you the big shift away from just making money to building a movement… from being an expert to building a tribe.

People went crazy after that presentation.

After lunch, I gave a second presentation from Section 2 of the book where I go into story.

I talked about the Hero’s Two Journeys:


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I talked about the Epiphany Bridge Story


Then I gave the actual scripts we use to tell our Epiphany Bridge Stories.

Those of you who were at the event got a sneak peak of the second half of the Expert Secrets book.

I wish I had more time on stage so I could have gone deeper into the four core stories that are used inside a Perfect Webinar presentation:

  • The Origin Story
  • The Vehicle Story
  • The Internal Fears Story
  • The External Fears Story

Those four stories and the Stack is what creates all the magic.

But unfortunately, I didn’t have time to go super deep into that. But a couple weeks prior we did do that at our first ever FHAT Event (Funnel Hack-A-Thon).

At that event we actually sat down over three days in a small group and I actually went slide-by-slide through my presentation and plugged in all the Epiphany Bridge Stories in the right order. It was pretty amazing.

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So that was last week…

Why an audiobook?

This week, I had a chance to actually record the audiobook of Expert Secrets.

I’m recording the audiobook for a couple reasons:

#1 –  people seem to like audio books. Some people I know will never read so this gives me the ability to speak to them.

#2 –  it’s a really good upsell. During this book funnel, we’re planning on putting both the DotComSecrets and the Expert Secrets on a pre-loaded mp3 player as one of the upsells.

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When I recorded the audiobook for the DotComSecrets book, I did it all in one day because I had the bright idea to make an audio book a week before we actually launched. I had to record the book and edit it all within a seven day period of time. This meant it took ten painful hours in the studio to record the book.

I planned ahead a little bit this time, so I’m about seven weeks out before the book launch and I recorded in two days instead of one.

While the process is really fun, it also kinda stresses me out.

Some books are all story-based so they work really well as audio books. But both my DotComSecrets book and the Expert Secrets book, the scripts sections (where I show people what to plug-in to their presentation slides and web pages) always comes out kind of weird. As I was doing the audiobook version I  second-guessed myself a lot. But I think that it will still come out good.

For those of you who do listen to the audio book, I highly recommend also having the book as well because you’ll be able to see the images and where things all fit in.

I also found a bunch of different mistakes I missed during our first ten rounds (!) of editing. I was able to get fixed and over to our publisher before the books went to print.

Other cool stuff we’re doing…

We also shipped out a bunch of Dream 100 packages. Our next round of packages will be going out next week. I’ll show you pictures and more info on that later.

We’re also preparing to create a virtual book tour. This is a really cool marketing strategy we’re kind of inventing as we go. I’ll share more information about that as well in future blog posts.

A lot of this is just building the foundation so we have good products and services to upsell. Good upsells allow us to afford to sell more books and acquire more customers. This will be the key that will enable us to sell a million copies of the book.

Oh yeah, one last thing I did last week (yes, it’s been a very busy two weeks):

I actually flew to Phoenix to meet with Dean Graziosi. Dean did his book launch a couple months ago. We were one of his top 10 affiliates so we had a chance to meet with all his other top affiliates while we were down there:

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We talked about Dean’s launch strategy and I learned what his other top affiliates did. Some of these guys sold thousands of books for him through Instagram. Other guys through email lists and beyond.

From the meeting I got some really cool ideas on how to do the book launch, how to make sure our affiliates get paid, a cool seven day launch we learned from Brendon Burchard, as well as talking with Dean about the infomercial we’re going to be filming probably towards the end of summer.

All in all, it’s been a crazy two and a half weeks, but we’re building a lot of momentum going into the book launch.

In fact, as I recorded the audiobook, I posted a picture of me in the recording studio and asked who wanted a copy and I had over 1400 comments of people begging for the book…


So we’re building desire and anticipation. I cannot wait to share this book with the world.

Russell Brunson

P.S. Let me know what you think of “Expert Secrets” in the comments below!

  • Stian Weideman

    Looking forward to listening to the book as well.

  • Yvonne Lines

    I watched your video on mass movement – very enlightening. I’ve been selling improvement instead of creating a movement. Now I need to rethink my approach.

  • Fernando Arbex

    Whaaat! 10 hours straight recording. What are you made of? Wow.

  • I love audio books, it gives me the opportunity to listen and learn while I’m out walking, running, driving, doing the dishes or any other choirs that don’t need my brains attention 🙂

  • ~Asara~

    Where can I purchase the audio book? I already have the printed copy. Is there a link? 🙂
    Thanks! 🙂

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